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June, 2019

Manuscript #20

​This newsletter includes:

  • New catalogue released
  • Sneak preview of Rolls Royce Sterling Silver Pen
  • BBP in Forbes
  • Capulet collection

Dec 17, 2017

Manuscript #17

​This newsletter includes:

  • Wishing all our customers a Merry Christmas

  • Bespoke British Pens is growing with new staff & new website

  • Recap on the last couple of months including Kingsman the Golden Circle

  • NEW – Conway Stewart Wordsworth Cardinal Ripple

  • NEW – Conway Stewart Churchill Classic Claret

  • NEW – Conway Stewart Churchill Sepia Blue

  • NEW – Conway Stewart Churchill Heather

  • NEW – Conway Stewart Series 1OO Red Stardust



Oct 16, 2017

Manuscript #16

​This newsletter includes:

  • David Cooper’s Retirement – Wishing him a long and happy retirement

  • NEW – Conway Stewart Regency Pens in Sepia Blue & Marine Blue – very rare

  • NEW – Conway Stewart Churchill White Whirl & Quartz White

  • NEW – Conway Stewart Series 100 Bronze

  • NEW – Conway Stewart Raleigh Dartmoor



Jun 15, 2017

Manuscript #15

This newsletter includes:

  • The Conway Stewart Churchill Blue Stardust

  • Conway Stewart Series 100 range

  • ‘INK’ eau de toilette

  • Rollerball refills

  • New retailers



May 19, 2017

Manuscript #14

This newsletter includes:

  • The Conway Stewart Nelson collection – 6 magnificent colours

  • Conway Stewart Series 100 Classic Green

  • Conway Stewart Coronet Green Whirl

  • Conway Stewart Raleigh Lapis Blue

  • Come and meet us at ‘Meet The Manufacturer’ exhibition.



Apr 07, 2017

Manuscript #13

This newsletter includes:

  • The Conway Stewart Dandy range – 4 magnificent colours

  • Security for all

  • Shakespeare Pens creating worldwide interest

  • Conway Stewart Churchill Silver Storm

  • Conway Stewart Wordsworth Bracken

  • Conway Stewart Series 100 Demo



Mar 03, 2017

Manuscript #12

This newsletter includes:

  • Movie News – Kingsman is back!

  • The outstanding Conway Stewart Wellington in Classic Claret

  • Two new Raleigh models

  • The marvellous Marlboroughs



Dec 21, 2016

Manuscript #11

This newsletter includes:

  • Is there a Doctor in the house?

  • The perfect pen for Christmas

  • Perfectly balanced for Lawyers

  • Can you ever have enough Churchills?



Oct 10, 2016

Manuscript #10

This newsletter includes:

  • The Churchill Poppy Pen… An everlasting tribute

  • Conway Stewart Dandy – 4 fabulous new colours

  • Classic styling of The Wordsworth in Burgundy Blush

  • Now… Ballpoint, rollerball and pencil options available



Aug 24, 2016

Manuscript #9

This newsletter includes:

  • All that Glisters… The Shakespeare Pen in Vermeil

  • A dazzling new Churchill addition

  • The Conway Stewart Raleigh in graphite

  • The magnificent Jaguar in Sterling Silver and enamel



Jun 01, 2016

Manuscript #8

This newsletter includes:

  • A tribute to Shakespeare 

  • Like a candle in the wind – the Marilyn Monroe Pen

  • Brand new Churchill Azure

  • Series 100 editions in Cherry Red and Walnut

  • At last – the launch of The Stratford Pen Company



Mar 24, 2016

Manuscript #7

This newsletter includes:

  • Celebrating Shakespeare 400

  • The latest new releases

  • Snake Pens – a symbol of wealth

  • A brand new Churchill edition

  • Beautifully small – a new CS Dandy



Nov 27, 2015

Manuscript #6

This newsletter includes:

  • Make it a Perfect Poinsettia Christmas

  • NEW! Flag Fountain Pen Ink range

  • The first $800,000 pen!

  • We wish you a Merry Christmas!



Oct 23, 2015

Manuscript #5

This newsletter includes:

  • Henry Simpole’s new Onoto Overlay

  • A unique Spitfire tribute

  • Conway Stewart Dandy in Woodgrain

  • Flexible nibs – available to purchase



Aug 24, 2015

Manuscript #4

This newsletter includes:

  • Never Surrender!

  • Very Bespoke – and uniquely British!

  • Celebrating victory at Waterloo

  • A little beauty! 



Jun 16, 2015

Manuscript #3

This newsletter includes:

  • Flexible nibs!

  • Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo

  • CS Series 100 ‘Meteor’ Special edition

  • A pen to die for! 



Apr 17, 2015

Manuscript #2

This newsletter includes:

​Our aim is to specialise in quality British-made pens and if you check on our website you’ll already find models from a number of British pen manufacturers – and there are likely to be even more in the near future.



Feb 12, 2015

Manuscript #1

This newsletter includes:

​Announcing the launch of a flagship company which offers only British-made luxury fountain pens: Bespoke British Pens.

Part-Time Workshop Assistant at Conway Stewart / Bespoke British Pens

Location: Westbourne

Join Our Team!

We're on the hunt for a Workshop Assistant with a passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail to join our team at Conway Stewart, makers of bespoke British fountain pens.

Your Role:

  • Assembly Assistance: You'll play a crucial role in the assembly of our fountain pens, requiring dexterity, a keen eye for detail, and a commitment to quality.
  • Part-Time Flexibility: Starting on a part-time basis, we offer flexible working hours to fit around your commitments.

We Offer:

  • Competitive Pay: Rewarding work with competitive wages.
  • Exclusive Perks: A chance to try the latest Conway Stewart pens.
  • Flexible Schedule: Work hours that can be tailored to suit your needs.

About You:

  • A detailed-oriented individual with excellent manual dexterity.
  • Passionate about maintaining high standards of quality.
  • Interested in being part of a small, dedicated team.

Location:Unit 11C, Wren Centre, Westbourne Rd, Emsworth PO10 7SU

Peter Robinson, Production Director