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Churchill Heritage Collection "KBO” | Sir Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill (1874-1965) used his words to inspire a nation under threat from the blitz and worked tirelessly to bring about an allied victory to World War Two. It was his determination and commitment that cemented him as an icon of the 20th Century who continues to inspire people to this day – including us at Conway Stewart where the Churchill and Winston models are named after him.

In association with Churchill Heritage Ltd,  Conway Stewart has produced the Churchill Heritage Collection, a series of limited edition writing instruments with designs inspired by the words of the great man himself. “KBO” is the fourth in the series. 


Throughout history there have been numerous attempts to convey the need to keep strong under pressure – but Churchill, in his lexical wisdom, put it succinctly when he “KBO” (Keep Buggering On).

Although one of his more tongue-in-cheek maxims the essence of it conveys something Churchill knew all too well. During his time as First Lord of the Admiralty in the First World War, Churchill oversaw one of Britain’s worst military defeats – the Gallipoli Campaign

But Churchill didn’t let failure bring him down, instead he worked harder and later he saw that effort come to fruition when he became Prime Minister. 

“Keep Buggering On” was a rallying thought delivered to both friends and family, and was abbreviated to “KBO” when in polite company. Knowing first hand as a soldier and a leader the dangers of a defeatist mindset and poor moral could do, Churchill would keep the people around him motivated and inspired with his words. 



The Churchill Heritage Collection uses the classic Conway Stewart Churchill model combined with thoughtful connections to Churchill’s legacy to create a limited and inspiring new design. The fourth pen in the collection has the engraving “KBO” etched into it, willing you to write every time you pick it up. 

Below the maxim is an engraved recreation of Churchill’s signature and the mark of pride that each Conway Stewart pen is “Made in Britain”.

Although thought of as a British Bulldog, Churchill was actually called “my sweet pug” by his wife Clementine. In honour of this endearing name engraved on the top of the cap of all the Heritage pens is the iconic sketch of “Pug” a small illustration that Winston often included at the bottom of his correspondence with Clementine. The illustration which features on the cap is taken from a letter sent to Clementine dated 1st August 1909, a facsimile of which accompanies each pen showing his handwriting in all its glory.

Included with all pens in the Churchill Heritage Collection is a companion book entitled “All Will Be Well: Good Advice From Winston Churchill”, which features 120 quotes, phrases and sayings penned by the former Prime Minister. 

Each pen in the Churchill Heritage Collection is superbly packaged in a replica red cabinet box which would have been used by Churchill to transport his ministerial papers from home to the office. The lid of the red cabinet box another of his famous quotes, one that is symbolic of the power of the written word: “I have always earned my living by my pen”


Produced in association with Churchill Heritage Ltd  which is a company through which the Churchill family distributes money to charities and good causes that keep alive the legacy of Sir Winston Churchill and the spirit of the words of wisdom he penned. Up to 20% of every pen sold goes to Churchill Heritage to help organise events and education to keep alive the memory of Sir Winston Churchill and his wise words for future generations.

Only 100 of each of the six models in the Conway Stewart Churchill Heritage Collection will be produced. Every pen comes with a certificate detailing the edition number. This fourth pen in the Heritage Series is available in four colour combinations: Classic Black or Bordeaux with either 9ct gold or Sterling Silver trims. “KBO” follows the earlier pens in the collection “All Will Be Well”, “Never Give In” and “Action This Day”. “Victory At All Costs” is next in the series.

At Conway Stewart, we have always admired Winston Churchill and his legacy. We continue to channel his Great British spirit into our designs. Other special and limited designs of the Churchill model include the Turing-Welchman and the Lawyer’s pen.

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