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Manuscript #9

 4 minute read 📖 

This Manuscript's content:

  • All that Glisters… The Shakespeare Pen in Vermeil

  • A dazzling new Churchill addition

  • The Conway Stewart Raleigh in graphite

  • The magnificent Jaguar in Sterling Silver and enamel

Welcome to Manuscript #9

There has been lots happening in the last couple of months and with much more in the pipeline, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading our news.

The Shakespeare Pen

The Shakespeare Pen has been designed and handcrafted in England by The Stratford Pen Company's highly talented silversmiths and pen technicians who have incorporated the essence of the world’s greatest playwright into a fountain pen that’s as English as the Bard of Avon himself.

Classically elegant in design, The Shakespeare Pen is made from Sterling Silver and bears a full set of English hallmarks to confirm its quality and purity. English hallmarks have been used as evidence of purity of precious metals since 1544, well before Shakespeare was born.

Traditional engine-turned silk pattern

And there’s a closer link with William Shakespeare… His father, John Shakespeare, was a well-to-do glover and whittawer in Stratford upon Avon, and made silk gloves and purses for the nobility. At that time, silk was very fashionable with the aristocracy so when it came to making a decision about the engraved pattern on the cap and barrel of the Shakespeare Pen it seemed appropriate to use a traditional engine-turned pattern known as ‘silk’ which was used by many English silversmiths in the past, but is rarely seen today.

The cap of the Shakespeare Pen shows en engraved image of ShakespeareOn the end of the cap is an image of William Shakespeare which has been taken from the title page of his First Folio, published in 1623. ‘Made in England’ is also engraved on the cap top to reflect that not only is the pen made in England, but so was the world’s greatest playwright! The end of the barrel bears the pen's edition number.

A black onyx gemstone is embedded near the top of the clip as it is believed to promote wisdom, intuitiveness and concentration – great qualities for any writer and innate to Shakespeare.

The Shakespeare Pen in Vermeil by Stratford Pen Co

A brand new Churchill edition

The award-winning Churchill model is now available in Quartz Green acrylic, a dazzling mixture of green and gold that has instant 'Wow' appeal.See for yourself below. Conway Stewart Churchill in Quartz Green acrylic

Raleigh in graphite

Originally issued in a limited edition of 50, we have found and assembled just 10 of these magnificent pens and everyone who has seen them has been hugely impressed. It has great shape and wonderful balance. The combination of grey/black acrylic with sterling silver fittings is perfect. And there are only 2 remaining.Conway Stewart Raleigh in Graphite acrylic

Conway Stewart Jaguar

 Originally issued in a limited edition of 100 pens in 2012, only 1 Conway Stewart Jaguar in Sterling Silver remains!

This magnificent pen is an example of British craftsmanship at its finest. Made from solid sterling silver and engraved with an intricate hexagonal interlocking panel design on the cap and barrel, the pen has been overlaid with hand-applied vibrant orange and charcoal translucent enamels in the style of Carl Fabergé.

Conway Stewart Jaguar in sterling silver with orange and charcoal enamel

Thank you for taking the time to read this issue. Please forward it to your pen friends and contacts and click on the buttons below to share it on Social Media.

For now, Best Wishes

David Cooper


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