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Manuscript #7

 4 minute read 📖 

This Manuscript's content:

  • Celebrating Shakespeare 400

  • Snake Pens – a symbol of wealth

  • A brand new Churchill edition

  • Beautifully small – a new CS Dandy

Welcome to Manuscript #7

There has been lots happening in the last couple of months and with much more in the pipeline, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading our news.

Celebrating Shakespeare 400

What finer tribute could we make to one of the world’s greatest writers, than a range of pens called The Bard? Available in 4 striking colours, Classic Black (1 available), Scarlet Whirl (10), Woodgrain (3) and Rioja (3)

Snake Pens

For thousands of years, snakes have been recognised as symbols of wealth, wisdom and rejuvenation, so it’s no real surprise that pen-makers have often entwined snakes around the barrels and caps of their pens to symbolise wealth and status. Indeed, some of the world’s most sought-after and expensive pens are ‘Snake Pens’, with an 1888-98 Waterman Sterling Silver 3 Snake Pen selling at Bonham’s in 2013 for $37,500!

The snake is also seen as a symbol associated with medicine and healing and is used on the Rod of Asclepius, the universally recognised sign of the medical profession and used on a variety of ‘Doctors’ Pens’.  
Highly talented British silversmith/pen designer Henry Simpole has long been fascinated by Snake pens, too, creating his first one from a tracing he made of a vintage USA Heath pen overlay.

Henry’s latest Snake Pen (above) is in 18ct gold and, like that vintage Waterman, also has genuine emeralds as eyes. He uses the 6000 year-old ‘lost-wax’ process to create each snake overlay from 18ct gold which means these pens can never be mass produced. The body of the pen is in high density black acrylic which makes a striking combination with the richness of the gold.

A brand new Churchill edition 

The epitome of Conway Stewart style and elegance in rich burgundy acrylic. Some colors just work together perfectly and this version of the ever-popular Churchill in Burgundy acrylic with black tassie and nib section with gold fittings, is outstanding. So much so that we have added it to our standard range of Churchills. +75 available

Conway Stewart Churchill Burgundy

Beautifully small

The Dandy is always sought after by collectors for its distinctive design and classic style. This new version, in Sepia Blue is outstanding. Only 1 left.

Conway Stewart Dandy

Thank you for taking the time to read this issue. Please forward it to your pen friends and contacts and click on the buttons below to share it on Social Media.

For now, Best Wishes

David Cooper


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